Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering

Welcome to the Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität München. Our research activities are centered around sustainable, energy-efficient urban water and wastewater systems, energy recovery from wastewater and anaerobic technologies, storm water treatment and management, microbial systems, engineered natural treatment systems, advanced water treatment (membrane- and oxidation hybrid processes), water recycling, and state-of-the-art analytical tools for process control and water quality.


European scale assessment of the potential of ozonation and activated carbon treatment to reduce micropollutant emissions with wastewater

Effects of varying flux and transmembrane pressure conditions during ceramic ultrafiltration on the infectivity and retention of MS2 bacteriophages

Neighborhood-Scale Urban Water Reclamation with Integrated Resource recovery for Establishing Nexus City in Munich, Germany: Pipe Dream or Reality?

Zur Behandlung von stofflich belasteten Verkehrsflächenabflüssen werden seit einigen Jahren technische dezentrale Behandlungsanlagen genutzt. In der…

International Collaborators

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Member of German Water Partnership